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New from Merkur?

What is this?

Found on the Dovo site under new items.


This..............................just seems to be true. Why else have that design?
hmmm...there are many razors/shaving supplies that have multiple uses if you know what I mean. I found commercial ads for a few a little while ago
Very funny indeed
Just don't get the ends mixed up else you'l get a terrible shave and a sensory experience you'll never forget :biggrin:


there is no way that that could be the reason,

maybe its one of those with a large handle for people with an inability to pick small objects, or , for an amputee with a mechanical hand, i know there are some stuff like that to make people with disabilites able to use what may seem simple to all of us,

thats my guess,

Jarmo P

looks like a dildo and razor combined, definately for the ladies :rolleyes:
These are to be the Merkur ***** model?
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