New Feather WS-D1S Wood/Stainless is here

Discussion in 'Mens Room Barber Shop' started by Mens Room Barber Shop, Jun 18, 2015.

    Just got my first chance to try this & it's outstanding. Crazy expensive? Yes, but the thing is just gorgeous. Wish it was just a tad heavier, but the grain & contour on the handle is a nice touch. One of the nicest razors I've held in my hands. Collector's piece.

    In stock
    $Feather WS-D1S.jpg
  1. Toothpick

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    That does look really nice. I'd like to have just the base for a few of my razors.
  2. We've tried special ordering just the Feather SS bases from the factory in the past with no luck. This particular razor will apparently never come without the base and I have my suspicions about it being a limited run, but who knows.
  3. That's a lot of money ... for a beautiful looking piece!

    No way that I am going to spend that much on a razor, but it surely looks stunning.
  4. The ultimate DE gift. $408.49 after badger5 discount.

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