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Nancy Boy??


After hearing Ron's rants & raves about Nancy Boy stuff, I decided to check out their website. I felt super metrosexual just being there, but hell, whatever. I'm looking at two products, the bar soap and the shave cream. Can this be as good as their write ups? Is it possible? What does the scent smell like?

Ok guys, before I give a "Nancy Boy" outfit in San Fran my money, make a believer out of me.

I pick up a lavender/peppermint scent. YMMV on this, but I enjoy it. It takes a bit more cream to create your lather, but once you get the water/cream ratio right, you'll get a nice, thick lather. I've only had one of their bath bars, the Signature Scent. Very much the same as the shaving cream. The bars are large and last a good while. I plan to order the bath bar in Spa scent (no, it doesn't smell like a locker room) and also their laundry detergent.

I have tried several of their products. Here's my take. :biggrin:

Shave Cream -- I love the performance of this stuff! So much that I have to make myself go back to my English creams. It's a different type of lather [to me] than Trumper or Taylor. It make a rich, creamy lather...not quite as light as the English creams [to me]. It seems I get a closer shave with NB than any other cream I've used and it gives a very comfortable shave as well. I was unsure if I would be able to use the cream since it has peppermint in it because I have quite a sensitivity to menthol, but it turns out that it has not caused any reactions thus far. I am quite happy about that because I always wanted at least one cream with a mild "cooling" effect...and this one is mild...just the way it should be, not numbing like many others. It has a very clean scent and I am liking it even more as I continue to use it; the lavender is very pronounced but the peppermint more so. The scent of this cream seems to be either a love or hate thing with most I've read of who tried it so YMMV.

Pre-Shave Oil -- Haven't used enough of it yet to give a fair review. I will tell you it is a thicker oil than most pre-shave oils I've tried. I've really not been won over to any pre-shave oils yet and I don't read of many other folks who have, but to each his own.

After Shave Gel -- I've only used it a few times and and not crazy about it. It is a quite thick gel, that only takes a tiny amount, leaves you with a momentary cooling effect [from the peppermint], but just doesn't have the moisturizing feeling and matte finish I like for an after shave balm. Too much of it leaves a sticky feeling on the face. I'll pass on their After Shave Gel, even though some love it. I'll stick with my Aloe Vera 80 Gel and Oil of Olay Hydrating Beauty Fluid or a combination of both which have worked very well for me so far [going to try D R Harris After Shave Milk next].

Bar Soaps -- Really big bars that last a long time. All have a very clean scent to them. I personally did not care much for the Spa Scent, although I think most people would really like it. The Tea Rose smells somewhat like roses with fresh mown hay or something...quite nice but it may take a while for this one to grow on me. The Signature scent, with the lavender and peppermint, is my current favorite. I have not yet tried the Sweetgrass scent. What I really like about all the soaps I've used is that they produce a super creamy lather and they DO NOT dry out my skin like the Wally World soaps I was previously using. My skin is the happiest it has been in a long time and when you get done with a shower you are "squeaky" clean with this stuff. I really wish they made an "Unscented" scent or more tradional scent of somekind in their soaps. I am just not wild about any of the scents, but I like the performance so much I am going to stick with them until I find something that performs equally as well or better and has a scent that I really like!

I currently have their face wash, body lotion and body wash but have not yet used any of them long enough to give a fair review. Why do I have so much NB stuff? Well, I fell in love with the shave cream so much, I thought "what if their other products are really this good?" You know how that goes...don't ya? So off I go ordering several of their goods to try. I think they have some high quality products, but I truly wish they had "Unscented" in most of their goods as well as some more tradional scents that us wet shavers love and adore...Rose, Lavender, Almond, Lime...and the list goes on and on. :lol:

I can give you a sample of the shave cream if you wish to try- PM me if interested.

There are several products that are excellent, notably the facial cleanser (the best product of its sort out there), the hand lotion, and the shampoo/conditioner. The shave cream is very nice, but I find it inferior to some of the other products out there.

Their scents are amazing, however. As a company, relative to customer service, there is none better.
How funny to see this post this morning, as I wake up in SF on a business trip. I got in yesterday morning, and made my long awaited pilgrimmage to the Nancy Boy shop on Hayes Street. I already have a travel size shave cream and an after shave from Nancy Boy, both of which I've reviewed on this site, and also bought their signature aeromatics, which have made my bedroom and office at work smell tremendous--but had been waiting for this trip to pick up the other NB products I've been scoping out. Here's what I purchased (this should probably go under the Score, eh?):

hand cream
3 bars of soap--sig scent, spa, and tea rose
laundry soap--original lavender
travel size hair gel

I also tried a spray of the Butch cologne, but just couldn't pop for the $50--ouch. On my way to lunch--at Citizen Cake, a local landmark; it was fantastic!--I couldn't stop smelling myself!!! The Butch scent is spicy and a bit sweet at the same time. Its long lasting, but not cloying--one of the very nicest scents I've put on. Needless to say, I called the shop when I got back to my hotel room and ordered the Butch--and a Fem for my wife, to boot!

Some short reviews:
hand cream--same great signature scent, which to me smells of peppermint, lavender and rosemary--as an avid home cook, this stuff makes me feel like I'm in the kitchen and the garden at the same time--I love it

soaps--I agree with the poster above that the soap is long lasting and does not leave the skin dry--but I love the smell--sig scent the best, of course

Have not yet tried the other products, but expect to be similarly pleased.

I also have to say that Nancy Boy's customer service may be the best I've ever encountered, in any line of business. They always get back to an emailed question, with most responses coming from Eric, one of the company's founders. If service has anything to do with it, I'd encourage anyone to support this company for the service alone--its that good.

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