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My new beard and moustache.

If you like Captain Fawcett I can also recommend their Booze&Baccy. Manly musky smell, it feels like my beard grows 3 inches and I just want to take an axe and go chop wood.
Also expedition strength they have is quite good but it's alot of work to get in and out of the moustache. But the hold is magnificent.

(Not a reseller, just a fan of Captain Fawcett)
Well, here's my final pic. Mustache March is over, and it's time for me to shave. I'll be clean shaven now until No Shave November.

On the plus side, I won the Mustache March contest for civilians on the Air Force Base!

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Sad to hear it's on its way out, unless this is an April Fools joke. If it's true it looked great while it was here, and I hope to see you and the beard/ mustache back here in November.