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My love-hate relationship with the Wilkinson Sword Shaving Soap (Blue Bowl)

I use my above soap as part of my rotation. However the lather from it can be temperamental at times. Sometimes I can get a pretty good lather out of it, other times it just doesn't want to know.

I know this soap isn't regarded as highly as the more expensive stuff, but I happen to like the smell from it a lot, thats why I use it sometimes. Who else is brave enough like me to admit to using this soap? Its not that bad, I just wish it was more consistent.


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I used the black bowl for a while but after being called a Grand-pa too many times I moved to something else. I cannot recall if I had bad lather with it. I thought it was average... It was also during those years where I didn't know how to properly build lather so I guess it cannot count!
Thanks to all for your replies. I've used the Wilkinson Sword soap this morning and I got a far better lather than before. Its still a good soap but I still prefer the pricier stuff.
Probably not a bad soap (used it twice some time ago, I can't remember exactly what the lather was like) but I hated the smell.
not a bad soap, ok quite mild scent, but as mentioned inconsitant lather, unfortunately due to lack of money im forced to use it as my only soap thouugh so i dont have any comparisons.
Had a shave with this same soap this morning, not used it for a few months. I think you either love or hate the smell, but I so liked the scent it left on my skin that I didnt use any aftershave.

Leave some warm water in the soap for a few minutes before you lather, just to soften it a bit.
strange, i think its like the slickest thing in my cabinet, you dont even need much lather, i find i drop my razor and brush and mug when i use it because it so slick lol,

maybe im just the lather ninja but i can't find a soap that i can't make lather, even like, wiliams i can get thick meringue like lather from it :)

the only thing i find is the soaps have varying slicknesses but i can make every one very slick and very thick ,
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