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I really enjoy heavily scented creams and soaps. I've heard MWF is very lightly scented. Would MWF disappoint me me? What do you think?
it is a lovely fragrance, there's no doubt you won't love it ...even if it has to grow on you a little... it's just too elegant.
It has very little scent, even milder than Harris Arlington, and compared to a glycerin soap or a cream the scent would be almost indetectable.
I have the Kents version. I wouldn't call it weak, but it's certainly not projecting. I'm not sure if I really like it yet, but it's okay. It may grow on me.

For reference, I am a huge fan of the Tabac scent
So in a nutshell, what can be said to be MWF's most redeeming quality? What makes it so highly regarded? :huh:
MWF is highly regarded for several reasons.

1) Superb lather. True, it can be a bit finicky and requires a bit more work to achieve.
2) The lanolin leaves a very nice feeling on the face... unless you are allergic.
3) I personally like the scent quite a lot. It is lightly scented but the scent is good.
It does indeed work, and is worth a try, but I would by no means categorize it as "highly scented." It smells like soap, with a just a hint of wet wool smell thrown in for, um, effect.
This is a soap that is much beloved for its performance, not its scent. To my nose it has a weak not unpleasant soapy smell, with no distinctive notes. But it is a great cushioning shaving soap that leaves your skin feeling smoother immediately post shaving than any other. Its lathering performance (IMHO) is only fair in terms of producing a thick creamy dense lather. MWF is lighter and less creamy than anything I've every gotten from Tabac, which is my reference standard.

Most of these attributes are assumed to be due to the lanolin content.
MWF is one of those products that you have to try, not just once, mind you, but over a period of time, in order to realize whether it works for you or not. You probably already searched the archives and if so, you have seen opinions ranging from the best to the worst. So there you have it! It's entirely up to how you and MWF get along together.

I couldn't get it to work for me for several weeks, because I'd read what was working for others, and I let that information get in the way of what I know works for me. I put it aside, nearly threw it away, but got it back, tried a half dozen times more, until one day it just clicked because I stopped thinking about what the other guys were telling me to do, and I just did what I always do with a soap and a brush, and the MWF just came to life, and now I am very happy when MWF works it's way back to the top in my rotation. Good luck!
I agree with Gary, you have to give it time. I started with the Kent brand, and was so disappointed, I nearly sold it. I set it aside after a few tries, but after reading all about it here I decided to give it another go. But for me the posts on B&B were helpful in the resurrection of MWF. I put a bit of water on the soap immediately before using it and I got a denser brush moving from a C&E Fine Badger to a Rooney 3/1 Super. Now I like using a boar brush on MWF and I can generate adequate lather without any effort.

So MWF moved to a steady place in my rotation but it took awhile. But I now I like it so much I even got the true MWF in the ceramic bowl!:smile:
After a few days...post your own review! This stuff has more fans/haters than any other soap out there I'll bet.

MWF seems to spark more debate than any other soap...
I'm a big MWF fan. It's one of my favorites. I agree that the scent is very mild but at the same time I love the scent. It's hard to describe but fresh, creamy and soapy come to mind.

I definitely agree that it's one of the top soaps that 'everybody' should try because it's kinda unique and many people (like me) think it's particularly excellent.

The moisturizing properties are especially good.
You just need to try it. I am glad I did. I got a small sliver to try and after a few practice lathers tried it out about three times and have gotten good shaves with soft skin and no allergic reaction. Some people get an allergic reaction so you just have to try it for yourself. Theshaveden sells samples or if you buy a big puck and dont like it you could easily resell it.
I just used it today for the first time. Had no real trouble getting a workable lather, although it was a bit thin and bubbly. I just had to go back to the puck for a little more. No prob.

Shave was smooth and good. A few nicks but that was my fault (I hadn't shaved for 3 days--gasp!--and the blade was on its last legs. At least give it a shot. I will be adding it to the rotation, although I think the Tabac Throne is safe from this Lanolin-wielding upstart.
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