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moving to pre-shave oil ?

After 2-3 years in this "wet-shaving bussines" and after trying different kinds of razors\creams\soaps\brushes.. I've decided to move on to use "pre shave oil" .

now , lucky me I'm not an "owner" of heavy beard so..
I'm thinking to use only the pre shave oil , without any cream or soap , will it be smart ?
anyone here is doing it ?
any recommendations on pre-shave oil (in the reviews there aren't many) ?
something like that .
I just feel more comfortable with less lather , it's more comfortable when you're actually see what you're shaving .
I know it's done with that shaving oil you get at Walmart. Surely T&H smells nicer. I saw a review of Oliveology, or something like that, on B&B front page.
actually I'm not the guy who will buy cheap stuff .
I just need an opinion . is the pre-shave oil alone , anough for shaving ?
I used T&H for touchups when I've missed something, but that's about it. I know it's done, though. You would be looking for shaving oil, though, not pre-shaving oil. Not sure the difference. Maybe it's thicker, more protective.
I use Pacific Shaving Pre Oil a few days a week. Can't say that it makes a huge difference, but I could not see only using the oil. I think that perhaps it helps to soften my beard a little, but it has a nice scent and does provide an extra layer of slickness for the first reduction pass.
Back in my cartridge razor days, I went through a period of using only shave oil. I tried Art of Shaving, Pacific Shaving Co., and eShave almond shave oil. All of them worked okay, but I thought the AoS was a little too thick. Then I found this:
I realize it's not an oil. But you mention wanting a product you can put on like an oil or lotion and still be able to see your skin. Lucky Tiger liquid shave cream is that product. If you want, you can whip it up into a lather, but I find it doesn't work as well that way. If you just apply it as a lotion, it goes on translucent. And it provides a far better shave than oil. I used this with my cartridge razor in the shower with great results for years. When I started using a DE, I went back to soaps/creams and a brush. But if I had to use a cartridge razor again, I'd use the Lucky Tiger. Just try to ignore the cheesy marketing.
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