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Misrepresentation of a brand on amazon

I just recieved my "jaguar 1071" boar brush as advertised on the gentlemenn amazon link. It says for sale a Jaguar handmade boar rush for $14. Good deal I thought. Upon recieving this brush, not only did it come unprotected in a flimsy plastic envelope, it had no box, bubble wrap ANYTHIng. It was just flopping around in the bag, and to top it off he put in a "shave factory." branded brush, which I could've purchased for $8 off another website . I understand shave factory brushes are made by jaguar, but the picture on this guys website shows an actual jaguar emblem on the brush for sale, and that's not what I got. Anybody else be pissed off about this? Plus alls I kept reading was how massive the 1071 brush was, this one doesn't strike Amy sense of largeness IMO. Anxious to hear feedback. Thanks.
Shave Factory brushes are exactly the same thing as Jaguar brushes, far as I know. Just has a different label. I don't see the problem.
I haven't contacted vendor yet, was wondering of I'm out of line or not.

See, I know the SF brush is made by jaguar, but I could've gotten that brush cheaper elsewhere, ya know? I guess overall it's not a big deal....I don't really know what my problem is with the situation. I know we have some psychiatrists on here maybe can help. Lol j/k I may just move on and try it out, maybe it will grow on me, it's a nice looking brush.
Doesn't sound like the behavior of a gentleman to me. Personally I think you have every right to be pissed. Clearly the person selling that brush is trying to take advantage of others by selling a similar brush as another brand known to be sold at a higher cost. Even if the brushes are made of the exact same materials the branding alone is worth more (to some) As far as the way it was shipped, unfortunately that's just how a lot of places selling on the internet cut costs. If it were me I would contact the seller and ask them about the situation and ask for either a partial or total refund. Either way I would also report the fraud to Amazon so other customers won't be taken advantage of as well.
Use the brush with some Arko, to determine its abilities before making a determination.
On second thought, that's probably a bad idea. You could lather Arko with a toilet brush and get a decent lather.
I'm still pretty ticked, and the vendor/amazon will be getting emails either way, but I kinda dig the brush. :001_wub:
Its just misleading IMO. Others may not be as "nice or polite" as me.
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