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Merry Christmas from Texas!


Holiday Cheers to One and All!

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Hello All,

My "aftershave" tree is tiny if one would or could compare it to Ron's "cologne" tree! Ron's Tree would probably put a California redwood to shame :scared: !

Nonetheless, another Happy Holiday to All!

Cheers from Texas, low 70s, sunny, not a snowflake in sight anywhere :sad: !

Richard, lucky you! Low 70's! We're sitting on low 30's here in Montreal with light flurries!
Best X-mas wishes, my friend!
Ho, ho, ho! Well another splendid Christmas is now passing into history. Hopefully it brought with it glad tidings of comfort and joy to all...
From the ol' Shave Shack north of the Red River..

Did Ron put the Christmas lights up on the Castle this year? :smile:


Yes, the wife saw this. She remembers the shave cream tree, too. :rolleyes:


Montreal is one of my favorite places in Canada to visit. A White Christmas in Montreal, perfect! :smile:

Again, Holiday Cheers to All!

Not a White Christmas in Plano this Year :sad:
smoothfacejeff said:
Jerry, best wishes to you for the holidays. Just curious, are you in Oklahoma?


Jeff: thanks and same to you! And yes, I am in Oklahoma.

Richard: I've heard Ron's house lights serve as a beacon to pilots landing at the airport!

Merry Christmas all.

I'm about to head out for the Christmas break and may not be able to stop in until after the 25th, so I wanted to post these two items:

Since I rarely see anything like a "winter wonderland," I've written my own lyrics to that song:

"Later on, we'll perspire --
'Is that A/C? Turn it higher!'
We drive and we grump
O'er potholes and bumps,
Sweating in a sticky swampy land!"

And my version of Rudolph:

"Rudolph the Sweat-Soaked Reindeer
Oozed onto Santa's bench;
And if you ever smelled him,
You would surely say, 'What a stench!' "

". . . Then one soggy Christmas Eve
Santa came to say,
'Rudolph, with your sweat so thick,
'Take a bath! You make me sick!'
Then all the reindeer dunked him,
And scrubbed and really made him gleam;
Rudolph the Once-Foul Reindeer --
You've never seen an *** so clean!"

An early Merry Christmas to everyone at Badger and Blade!
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