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FS Merkur Progress, Schick Proline P-30s, Kai Captain, Free Bay Rum AS!!

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Barely used Progress in its original box. I'm the original owner. The calibration's pretty good on this one, and it's shiny new-like. I just tend to reach for my Cobra or my slant, so this sits lonely and in need of a good home. $40 plus shipping; we'll figure that out, cheapest way.

As for my Cobra, Kai Captain milds seem to be the goldilocks blades for me. Both the regular Captains and the Schicks are just too sharp for me. The Kais have 19 of the 20 remaining. $10, plus shipping, whatever that'll be.
The Schick Prolines probably have 27 of the original 30 left in the dispenser. $15 for those, plus shipping.

The Stirling Bay Rum aftershave is yours for the asking, just pay the postage and keep it to US addresses, or add to one of the items listed here. I posted this as a PIF, but somehow it hasn't got any love: GIVEAWAY! - PIF (postage only) - Stirling Soap Co Bay Rum AS - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/pif-postage-only-stirling-soap-co-bay-rum-as.635594/
It really has a great scent, just doesn't agree with my skin.


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