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Merkur 15C or 11C?

I'm six weeks into DE shaving, which I've been doing with a Merkur 34C. I want to try an open-comb razor that is otherwise similar to what I have now. I'm interested in either a 15C or 11C, as you might have guessed from the title. Which would you recommend? I'm aware the 11C is heavier, of a similar size to my current razor.
I'd opt. for the 11C. I know its been discontinued by Merkur, but its still available from a few of the vendors here at B&B. I like the thinner head on this razor which makes getting into tight places really easy. Everything overall about this razor makes it my go to open comb.
They both have the same head. It's your preference whether you want a three-piece or two-piece razor and whether you want a shorter, thicker handle or a longer, skinnier handle.
The 11C is the open-comb variant of the 34C, so that's your closest fit. However, you better act fast to get one as they are discontinued.

The 15C is similar to the 11C except that it's a thinner handle and weighs about 20 grams less than the 11C. They make a 25C which is the same head as the 11C and 15C except with a longer (4-inch) thin handle.
Both really terriffic razors- whichever you chose- you should like it, but the 11C is getting hard to find new.
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