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Measurements of the Burma-Shave brush.

My Burma-Shave brush has served me failthfully for quite some time, but I feel it's time for an upgrade. I like to use soaps and I'm thinking maybe a Rooney 1/1 or 1/2. The Rooneys seem to get some good reviews as far as soap/bowl lathering goes. Currently I bowl lather w/Tabac or VDH.

With that said, all of the "mm" measurements don't mean much to me unless I had something to compare them to. Does anyone know off hand what the official measurements are for the Burma Shave brush??

Thanks in advance.
I don't have mine anymore, but I did measure it once. If I remember correctly it was 100mm total with 50mm loft and 20mm-22mm knot. I have Rooney 3/1 and it is very close in dimensions to the Burma Shave.
My barely used Burma brush is:

105mm long from end of handle to tip of longest bristle
The opening for the knot is 18mm
The length of the bristles (longest) is 53mm
And the diameter/width of the bristles (bloom) is approximately 40mm. Yours may be more if it's seen more action.

I stopped using this brush once I bought my first badger brush, plus the Burma was shedding pretty bad.
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