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FS Martin de Candre Lots w/ Eufros, Penhaligon's, SV, Chatillon Lux, Gillette Fatboy and more!

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Good evening, all. While it looks like there's a lot of BLAH BLAH BLAH below, I would advise very strongly that you take the time to read all of the text. In the end, it may save both of us time!

Ok, so today may very well be your lucky day, as I have decided to part with THREE jars of Martin de Candre soap. For sale are BRAND NEW/UNUSED 200 gram jars of Rose and Vetyver (both of which are Limited Editions and are no longer available on the MdC site!) and a gently used (loaded five or six times) 200 gram jar of Original. Better yet, I'm going to sell the new soaps for less than what you would pay to but them from the MdC site if they were still available! Right about now, I imagine that most of you are thinking to yourselves, "Ok, that sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?" And it's true, there is a bit of a catch. But it's a good catch! You see, I own way to much shave soap and shave cream, so I'm using the MdC as bait; it's the ol' "I'll-scratch-your-back-if-you-scratch-mine". I will only only sell the MdC if you also buy a certain amount of my other stuff listed here. And there is some really good stuff for sale!
This is very important, so please read this!
Here's how I have it set up. First of all, USPS Priority shipping to any of the 50 will be included. You can't "stack" jars of MdC. In other words, I won't sell the Rose and Vetyver together without you buying the required extra stuff for each jar. And for the sake of simplicity, I'm not selling the non-MdC stuff by itself right now . Please, please, PLEASE don't ask about selling items in a manner not outlined above. If I have stuff still available after a week, I'll think about selling items individually, but until then, they are being sold as described. Alright, on to the good stuff!

The Martin de Candre Soaps

Martin de Candre Rose $65 NEW
Martin de Candre Vetyver $65 NEW
Martin de Candre Original $35
(used five or six times)

I hate to belabor the point, but I WILL NOT sell these soaps alone. If you want any of them, you will have to purchase at least an additional $35 from the list below. In other words, say you want the MdC Rose, you could pick the Eufros ($20) and the West of Olympia ($15) and you would have met the requirement for spending an additional $35, and I would then send you all three soaps for $100 shipped. Conversely, I won't sell any of the stuff below as long as there is at least MdC soap available. Ok, here are the other stuff from which to choose:

Eufros DAMA DE NOCHE Purchased here on the BST, I never used it, but looks like three small scoops were taken out. $20

West of Olympia ENVY Ditto! $15

Penhaligon's BAYOLEA Cream Comes in a fancy glass jar with a metal lid. I recently refilled the jar with a fresh tube of Bayolea. Let's say that it's 90% of the 5 ounces. $25

Barrister & Mann Latha OCEANA Used two or three times $7

Saponificio Varesino 70th ANNIVERSARY (?) I remember putting this soap in an empty Felce box because I just wasn't using it. The problem is I'm not positive that it's 70th Anniversary. But it's SV and it hasn't been used a lot! Looks like I loaded the soap three or four times. $10

Abbate y La Mantia LAUREATO Used three or four times. $10

Penhaligon's BAYOLEA soap in wood bowl Probably loaded three or four times. $15

Sudsey Soapery ROSE & BLACK PEPPER Purchased here on the BST, I never used it, but looks like three small scoops were taken out. $10

Catie's Bubbles 2 oz Sample Tubs These are huge samples! They just aren't going to get any love. Four of these are unused. Three have been loaded once. I'm not going to type all of the names. There is 14 ounces of CB's soap here, and it's only $20

Dapper Dragon HELIOS Aftershave Gel New/Unused $5

Art of Shaving OUD cream 75% full $8

Tabula Rasa OLIBANUM Basically NEW. I scrapped cream off of the lid. $8

Floid VIGOROSO 400ml "Special Edition bottle" I used it three times. $20

Taylor of Old Bond Street PLATINUM COLLECTION shave soap in wooden bowl NEW/UNUSED $25

Taylor of Old Bond Street PLATINUM COLLECTION Fragrance 50ml Used four or five times $20

Razorock P.160 aftershave balm About 75% full. $6

Chatillon Lux TAUM SAUK aftershave 95% Full $13

Gillette FATBOY In good "User" condition. Purchased here on the BST a few weeks ago; I just realized that I have too many razors. Feel free to check out the original listing for more info. $35

Charcoal Goods head on Maggard handle. Don't go crazy now, this is a $15-20 Charcoal Goods head. But it still looks cool. The handle is nice. And I'll throw in the CG coaster! $15

This is first come, first served. I will end up going to sleep at some point tonight, so if you email me at 8AM EST, please keep in mind that I'm using the PST.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this!


SOLD! (pending funds)

Catie's Bubbles 2 oz Sample Tubs - $20
Barrister & Mann Latha OCEANA - $7
Penhaligon's BAYOLEA - $15
Martin de Candre Rose - $65

Thank you!
Tabula Rasa OLIBANUM $8
Catie's Bubbles 2 oz Sample Tubs - $20
Barrister & Mann Latha OCEANA - $7
Penhaligon's BAYOLEA - $15
Martin de Candre Rose - $65

All sold!
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