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Lorenzo Villoresi shave soap

Gents; Has anyone been using this hard shaving soap and are there any comments? I went through the reviews section and nobody has posted anything. I have 3 of the eau de toilettes and their scents are an acquired taste, not the sort of scent you come across on a regular basis.
My signature scent (according to the Sales Assistant) is Lorenzo Villoresi Uomo, I do prefer to to wear it for special occasions and getting the soap is just as hard as finding the Domenico Caraceni shaving cream. My local stockist has offered to order it for me, but I am not keen on ordering soaps on blind buys (or lack of reviews). It is on my wish list.
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I had my first shave with Lorenzo Villoresi soap. I bought EDT few months ago and liked it very much. Soap is not very similar to the scent of EDT but it's not very far either. The strongest note of the soap to my nose could be compared to 'the soap' smell. One that is used to wash ones clothes. The original Uomo aroma is here in the background. On the performance side, I would rate this soap with the average grades. It’s one of the harder soaps I have had the chance to try (and I haven’t tried many) so it requires a bit of effort to lather.
I bought a puck of the Uomo when I visited Lorenzo Villoresi's studio in Florence this summer. I am smitten by his fragrances and love the smell of the Uomo soap. I diverge from Lamb Root's opinion, respectfully. I couldn't get the soap to lather to save my life. I even PIF'd it to another member who experienced the same problem. IMHO, the soap is a disappointing waste of money...
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