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...to reinvigorate my interests.

Yeah, after wearing Mouchoir de Monsieur and G.F. Trumper's Lavender Water, I'm kind of in the market to seek out an oldie but goody fragrance to add to my collection. I don't usually go for anything outlandish or adventurous. Something simple. Elegant. Tasteful. Gentlemanly.

Any suggestions (keeping in mind what I already wear)?
Caron pour homme is very nice. An old one; lavender and vanilla. As an edt it should last longer than the two you mention. Guerlain Habit Rouge edt is also very nice.
I third Habit Rouge. I prefer the EdP version, but it's tough to find. That seems like a good fit for you.
Just picked up Caron Pour un Homme and think it's a good one too. Clean, simple, pleasant.
Pens Sartorial is a new scent, but it's kind of old school fougere nonetheless. Fairly complex structure, but the wearing of it is pretty simple.
I don't know if Bois du Portugal qualifies as an "oldie" but it's got a gentleman's vibe for sure.
Trumpers Eucris very old school and a powerful scent. Heavy duty moss.
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I agree with the recommendations above, and will add another for you to consider. Christian Dior's Eau Sauvage is an elegant, refined citrus/herbal/woods combination, that I believe qualifies as a "classic".
Caron's Third Man is also very nice, as is Creed's Royal Scottish Lavender and Royal English Leather. Speaking as a gentleman, I can find no fault with those choices.
Creed's Silver Mountain Water is pretty compelling, and to me one of the most unique and wearable fragrances in the Millésime lineup.

Caron Pour un Homme is a must-have for anyone who likes simple, classy, and elegant.

You definitely should consider Grey Flannel as well, it's the ultimate masculine violet/violet-leaf.

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