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Liquifying cream?

Today I changed my routine ever so slightly, and may have stumbled onto a new favorite prep. I've previously lamented about the difficulty I have had keeping my lather warm. I solved the problem somewhat by using an electric candle warmer on which to place my improvised scuttle. (I'll be posting another thread along with photos sometime in the near future).

Typically, after I shower I lather up some cream in my shaving bowl and then put the bowl in my "scuttle" (a large coffee mug). I comb my hair, wet my face and then lather. Hopefully by then the lather has sufficiently warmed. (I have found that the lather gets increasingly warmer with each pass.)

Today, for some reason, I put my cream in the bowl, but combed my hair before lathering. To my surprise, the cream liquified in the short time that it took to comb my hair. It lathered normally; however, the lather was much warmer on the my first go. :thumbup:

Has anyone else liquified their cream before lathering?
I have used a candle warmer before I picked up a electric kettle that makes boiling water in under 5 minutes. It works great either way.
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