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Korean Frameback

Ok, so this was the first frameback I have seen in the wild.
Unfortunately, there were several chips in the blade, and one severe crack, leading almost to the spine.
It was being sold for $5, but I passed.
I may go back, just for the frame, to toss in a new blade, but $5 is steep for a broken blade, no matter who you are.

All the markings were in Korean, and unfortunately, I cannot read it. If it were Japanese, I would at least be able to look it up.
Well it's got to be worth five bucks not to have to go to the trouble of making your own from scratch

Not to mention the steel tube is 6, and I would have to cobble together a set of scales.


I'll go before work:lol:
I am now the proud owner of a Samsung Frameback.

Cost me 15 bucks, not 5, because there was a minty long handled super adjustable with case and blade pack, for $10 :lol:

Build to be coming soon, just need to get another opniel, as the one I have is staying as it is.
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