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Kinesia Arctic (Spain)

Hi chaps picked up a 300ml bottle of this in Spain but havent heard anything about it any info would be fantastic! It has algae extracts and what looks like a good dose of menthol. Heres some blurb from the back for Spanish speakers

Frescor: Gracias al Presencia de MENTHOL la fragancia de Kinesia Arctic es muy fresca y tonificante

Also picked up some Floid and La toja sticks which we all know about lol
Also any info on the magno black bar soap would be splendid as ive grabbed 2of those as well

Never used myself, although it is quite popular here, mainly because of its price and being available in supermarkets and so.

But I know the Magno soap, it has a great and powerful smell, a very good soap, although a little bit overwelming for me....
Well ive used this a couple of times now and it has a nice menthol freshness to it. Not as much as the Floid but plenty enough to get that menthol blast. Its cheap and cheerful and will be a definate restock when im over in Spain next. Seems to moisturise really well too
I'm surprised that Leon hasn't chimed in, assuming that the after shave is also available in fair Portugal. Can you snap a picture of the bottle?