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Kiebitz 7 day set

Found this at the local antique dealer. Never run across a full week set before. This is practically mint except for some minor tarnish that could easily be buffed out, and the 3rd pin on Saturday sticks out a teeny bit from less than perfect peening. Nothing to impede performance or looks.


There's still grease smeared on the blades, I haven't wiped them down yet. However, a thumb pad test indicates that these puppies are extremely sharp.


The spine says "Kiebitz Solingen 150" on one side, and "Gebr-Emde Solingen-Weyer Germany" on the other. The gold inlay on the blade says "High Class".


Anybody know anything about these?


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Nice score, love the scales!
Don't get too excited, they're nothing particularly exotic. I'm really bad when it comes to identifying handle materials, so I don't know if they are "plastic" or acrylic, tortoise shell, freakin' giraffe skin or what exactly :)

Assuming they're just a pretty-looking synthetic handle, what is a reasonable amount to pay for something like this?
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