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Keep on shaving and remain healthy !!

Hi guys!!

"Shaving less than once a day could increase a man's risk of having a stroke by around 70%, researchers have found." :ohmy:

Take a look at this article that I found when searching for shaving stuff in Scotland. I'm thinking of going there this September.

I say keep on shaving and stay healthy :001_unsur

anyway I think it's funny..


Happy Shaving :smile:
I found an article many years ago that stated that looking at cleavage of other women can possibly extend the life of a man by helping the heart rate go up a little. I cut it out and showed my wife, she agreed and now she lets me look all I want.

If I could just find that article!!
As much as I wish it were true (and so easy), I think this is the important part:

"At the time the study began, in the late 70s, the prevailing trend was to be clean-shaven, so infrequent grooming is unlikely to be due to a desire for designer stubble.

Researchers from the University of Bristol say it is more likely to be because a man needed to shave infrequently, due to having less testosterone in their bodies."
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