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FS Karve Overlander Nickel Plated Razor

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For sale: A Mirror Nickel plated Brass Karve Overlander razor.

It was plated a year ago this September, by Chris at Back roads Gold (Mirror Nickel). It's in great condition and a wonderful shaver.

After getting the Aluminum Overlander (and using it extensively), I realized I just prefer the lighter razor. Thus, i'm looking to sell this so I can get a backup aluminum.

I paid $110 for the razor, plus $60 for the mirror nickel plating. I'm asking $110 shipped CONUS.

I'd also entertain a trade for an Aluminum Overlander in great condition - specifically, a green or blue plated one.

Includes original box, original paperwork, original washer, and certification from Back Road Gold (pictured).

Thanks for looking folks!


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Handle length 3.5” or 90mm?

Good question. I bought it a while ago. I don't recall there being size options for the handle, but I could be wrong. If there was, I bought the "standard" setup... which I am pretty certain was 3.5". I just held it up to a measuring tape and it appears to be a hair over 3.5, fwiw. See attached.

(My phone keyboard has a mind of it's own. Sorry for all the corrections.)


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I'm going to drop this down to $100 shipped CONUS.

This is the lowest I'll go, as I'm not going to sell it if I can't get an aluminum version with the proceeds.

Additionally, I'd still be willing to trade it for an Aluminum, in green, blue, or black (not considering red, still, as that's the one I have).

I'll leave this up for a few more days, as it's only been here since the weekend.

Thanks for looking folks!
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