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Jns 6000

I dont get how to use this guy properly according to its description. Its supposed to be possible to use it as a s&g, but in the instant water comes in contact with it it's like a sponge, it just King's the water in zero seconds. And when i use it waterlogged the surface cracks in all directions and also warps into a skateboard ramp if i dont feed it with water.
Not that it happens before my eyes, but when i return to it for a project this is what i see. Ive had it for something like two years and i was just about to do stuff with it but theres always this hesitation due to its behaviour.

Anybody recognize this?
Id love to hear your thaughts about it cause if the 6000 was me as a human, i'd seek behavioural therapy.
Ok, maybe not therapy but at least have someone sit down and talk to me and open up.
"come in man, you didnt used to act like this, why do you keep cracking up?"
Maybe go to AA for soakers...
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