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Jinhao 992, cheap but good

After the great experience I had with the Jinhao 9019, I decided that I wanted a cheap pen to keep inked for signing things. If it dried out, then no big loss. I bought two Jinhao 992 in coffee and green transparent. I got both with fine nibs and I was surprised and elated that they were smooth writers with a hint of feedback. Really nice. I left the coffee inked on my desk since mid February. I took it with me today to sign some documents. The pen wrote first time and every time. There were no skips, hard starts, or anything but good writing and good ink flow. I thought only TWSBI was able to do this. Now, all of that might not sound impressive, but get this. I paid $1.20 USD each for the pens.


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Screw on caps like that, do tend to be the best at keeping a nib wet over long dormant periods, apparently. I prefer snap on caps, as I don't like feeling threads under my fingers when writing, and nibs drying out quicker, is one of the sacrifices.
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