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Jequil and Corenveo anyone using

I saw these brushes out there but came up with very little on a thread search anyone using brushes of this brand?
I have one and I am using it. It works great in my short time with it (2 months 3 saves a week) I am new to this community and to wet shaving in general. I am using it with the Sir Hare soap and building lather in the container.


Kent, Shavemac, Savile Row, Vulfix, Simpson, Plisson.... That's the opener of the brush forum, but there's not a lot of mention of these brushes compared with synths and the dozens of other Etsy/Ali Baba/Upstarts talked about here. The market is flooded with newer brushes with little heritage. I pretty much ended my interest in new brush makers with Paladin. It seems like anyone with a lathe and the ability to source knots is offering brushes with very little differentiation or notable quality improvements. I'll stick with the opening line-up, plus Omega. And yes, I have tried synthetics, and no, I'm not interested. To each his own.
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