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One of my favorites of all time. I was watching Jaws last night and saw something I had never picked up before... Chief Brody had great taste!

.....Fairwell and adieu to you fair spanish ladies, fairwell and adieu you ladies of Spain....


Ad Astra

The Instigator

A bottle of Veg might've brought the fish up, floating on its back ...

‘You all know me, know how I make a livin’. So ya’ gotta’ problem.
Ya got this aftershave, it’s stinkin’ up your shave den and you wan’na
get rid of it, well I’ll get rid of it for ya’. But it ain’t gonna be cheap.
I value my life more than some pass around. You’re gonna pay the shipping, and have it insured, just in case something happens to it. For that you get the plastic, the funnel
and the glass bottle you decant it in,the whole damn thing.’