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Is this how all barber shaves are in the US?

Got my haircut yesterday, and the barber shop I go to started carrying Truefitt & Hill products. I was impressed and got a whole story about how great they are and all of that. My barber was surprised that I seemed to know so much. I convinced him that brush stands were unnessery because of how the badger hair holds the water in place if you set it on its handle after he tried to sell me one.

Then he told me that the Gillette Fusion was the greatest razor ever and that he gives all his barber shop shaves with the fusion. He tried to convince me that it is worth the $26 for 8 cartridges cost. I tried telling him that a DE was much better IMO and much cheaper since I've used both and the fusion irritated the hell out of my neck. He also said he usually does 4 or 5 passes with the fusion. This guy must have the toughest skin known to man.

Anyways, I am wondering if all barber shops outside of the Truefitt&Hill, AOS ones give shaves with the Fusion? I can't imagine wanting to pay for that. What is the point?

Hey DJ,

I am going back in today to get my hair fixed I wasn't that thrilled with it. My normal guy went home early because he cut himself and when I went in there someone else had to cut it. I will ask about the prices though. It was at the MAC salon/barber shop. They now have Truefitt & Hill shave creams, colognes, and brushes. Their hair products are usually competively priced.

Also, maybe you know the answer maybe not, but the barber told me that they were the only ones that carried Truefitt & Hill in Portland, but I could have sworn I saw some at Nordstrom's.

Hey Chris, are you talking about the MAC athletic club? As far as T&H products go, I know that John Helmer on Broadway carries some.
Cheers, DJ.
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