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I'm just not good at this...

Tuesday was my day off, and I spent it with my two youngest daughters. It was our last full day together before school starts, so, it was THEIR day. Which included a dreaded trip to the Mall. Ugh! However, trying to make the best of it, I went "sample begging". At The Body Shop, I got a sample of their shaving cream, enough for three days of shaves. At Nordstrom's, I received a couple of samples of Bvlgari colognes, Corduroy by Zirh and Angel Men. I felt like that was a pretty good score. However, at Dillard's and Frank & Meier, absolutely nothing. Both said "We don't have samples". How do you guys "ask" for samples at the local brick and mortars?

Randy, I usually tell the salesperson that I am interested in their products but would like to sample them before I buy. Most will gladly give up the samples. On occasion I will run into someone not so nice and I usually don't ask.
You are truly a loving father to brave the MALL! Since my daughter is only two, I can still get away with surgical strikes – run in, purchase, and get out as quickly as possible.
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