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ID Needed - Old Gold ??

Hey All,

Scooped this off the bay about a week ago and arrived today. Damn if this thing didn't shine up like the sun!! It is a beautiful and solid/heavy piece. It looked interesting and for $25 bucks I took a chance. Glad I did - it is really stunning.

But anyone know what it is? :001_smile

First pic is from the ebay listing. Second is after my first round of clean/polish tonight. Any ID or dating help would be appreciated.


No stamps or markings? I'd say a Gillette clone of some sort but other than that I really don't know. What I do know is you did a fine job cleaning and polishing...great looking set.
Nothing on her anywhere - just the "OSJ" on the inside of the case, but I think that's a custom monogram.

Clone would be my one of my guesses as well, but this seems real high quality. The handle is solid, and not hollow and the plating is some of the nicest I've seen yet. Another mystery razor I suppose. I have a few of those :)
I don't really have a ton to add here on this one... I've seen that OSJ mark before, but I can't find anything definitive about it -- even whether it refers to a maker, or was a custom imprint for the customer. There's this old thread from 2008 whose links are mostly dead now, but that has this thumbnail image that's still good (pulling it in here for posterity) that shows what looks to be a Single Ring clone with the same rounded cylindrical cap studs as this razor in a metal case with the same OSJ imprint in the headliner:


Does your handle have a casting seam on it, or is that just a funny reflection?
Just a reflection - no seam. A really nice finish actually.

Interesting on the OSJ - I had figured that for a monogram for sure. That now seems unlikely unless there was some old rich dude with RAD who had all his razors monogrammed back in the day :)

Possible I suppose....
From a distance it looks like the older Milday's but it's pretty neat. Like a hybrid old-style with a more oval ball-end cap on the handle.
hmnnn that is a good possibilty. A brief google search isnt giving me any luck on any such company. Anything you can provide Tom?


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