I was asked a while ago about Fire finish

Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by Graydog, May 23, 2019.

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    Someone asked me if I had ever tried Fire as a finishing of a handle
    I have watch some videos of spoons ,guitars and handles being scorched
    with a flame .
    I have read and heard that it if done properly produces a very durable
    and nice look.
    Has anyone tried this ?
    I have this handle from the Maple tree that I just might try it on
    any thoughts guys ?
  2. That would be very cool. It could be done evenly over the whole handle or in gradient.
    I've intentionally ( and unintentionally ) used friction to burn decorative touches.
    My Cousin is going to put Shou Sugi Ban (Japanese style chard wood )siding on there house. From what I've read the Japanese have been using the technique since the early 1700s.

    Here are two bottle stoppers I used friction on.

    20190523_100226.jpg 100_4365.jpg
  3. I'd say, give it a go! Why not?

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  4. ajkel64

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    I agree. Nothing to lose and maybe something to gain. A very nice finish perhaps.
  5. Some woods are better than others. I’ve flame finished pine and it looked way cool (for pine...) I don’t see why it wouldn’t work good on maple although it would probably be streaked like my pine instead of having the charred Shou Sugi Ban effect @GAW9576 is talking about.
  6. My thoughts echo the others. Do it. Pictures are worth a thousand words. But a flamed Gray Dog might be worth three, maybe even FOUR pictures!

    Do keep us posted!

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