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I want to try a non adjustable TTO...

But which one to buy? I know nothing about the differences between years, makes, models...etc.

I've been DE shaving with my Merkur HD for a whopping 5 weeks now. I like it a lot. I want to try something else, but hopefully not buy 10 different razors looking for "the one". I'm not really interested in collecting them.

I guess this means I want a SuperSpeed, but which one? I'm lost.

I know the Red Tip is a "mild" razor, but what about the rest of them? I think I need something on the agressive side of medium.

I have a fairly coarse wiry grey/black beard that has to be shaved daily or I look scruffy and un-kempt. I use mostly RPIP's in my HD with a variety of mostly creams, but with a few soaps thrown in there too. Usually 4 passes are required to get a DFS+ shave with my current set-up.

Help this noob out with a recommendation please...Flare-tip? black-tip? 50's? 60's? Hopefully nothing too rare, that I can get in VG to excellent condition for say max $30 bux.

The Blue Tip is the mild razor, not the Red Tip. The Red Tip is actually more aggressive than a standard SS.

I like the 50s style SSs, but if you want a slightly more aggressive shave perhaps you should try the Red Tip.
Yes the Red Tip is the aggresive one. You could try that, I enjoy the Aristocrat I'm not sure where that rates on the aggresineness scale, but it sure is a nice comfortable shave. There is the Senator which looks aggresive but I have yet to try it. Someone with more info should be along to help you out. :biggrin:
I would go with a "no-date" Gold Aristocrat (40's). They can be had at or near your price range and, IMO, they are the best of all possible worlds -- heavy enough to shave close but not so aggressive that you need to be timid. If you can't find an Aristocrat you like, then I would suggest a no-date 40's SS, which many consider to be the best shaver of all, and which you will certainly be able to get in excellent condition for under $30.

The truth is, they are all good, so you could hardly make a mistake with any of them.

Good luck!
If you like the HD then you should probably go with the Red Tip, as they will be similar, with the Red Tip being slightly more aggressive (as I remember).
Just remember that however the shave might be lacking, there's always the next shave.

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40's Aristocrat! It is every bit the razor a Red Tip is and more!! Think of it as a non-adjustable Fat Boy in gold.
Get any nickel flair tip to start. Standard tip. If you're using an HD you don't have a standard to judge aggressiveness. You should be able to pick up a nice one for $20. If you don't like it for some reason you can always get your money back. If it's too aggressive or not aggressive enough come back to us and we'll go from there. I find the HD is a mild shaver which you cannot compare to a SS based on blade to guard gap alone.

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