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I fell off my scooter

I have had my scooter for 10 years and have never had an issue. Yesterday I fell off of it an fractured my elbow at the tip. It is the long bone that runs down the forearm. I have an ortho appointment today @ 1:30pm, wish me luck. I was riding an Xootr scooter
Sorry to hear that.

I, too, ride a scooter for fun, recreation, and exercise. But I ride an Amish scooter, which is like a bicycle but without a seat or peddles. In other words, it has real bike tires on it (street racing tires like the ones used on bikes in the Tour de France). Probably a little bit safer, since the large tires are less likely to be disturbed by running over objects like rocks, etc.

Here is a link to a picture of an Amish scooter, if you are interested in seeing what I'm talking about:


I hope your appointment goes well and I wish you a speedy recovery.
I am back. The ortho Dr. said to use the brace when I need to. This injury is best healed by slowly and lightly starting to move my elbow. Where the fracture is...if it is put into a cast I will loose range of motion when the bone grows back like it should...it would grow back incorrectly. If they cut on me that would create its own problems, so best bet is to use it very lightly, take meds...I have vicidin 5/500's and Ibuprophen OTC. I have a 3 week follow up (on my birthday 5/24) and this could take 8 weeks to get all better.
You broke your Olecranon Process?! :ohmy:
(Sorry, just took an Anatomy final)

Man that sucks. I wish you a full recovery.
Sorry to hear that - I wish you a speedy and complete recovery.

I ride a motorcycle when I have the time. So far, so good. Were you wearing any protective gear?
dude, I have RX drugs!! LOL :) Seriously, I am doing ok with this it just hurts and I kinda feel like a burden because I need help to do things now. It was just one of those accidents on a scooter (kick scooter) that I hear can happen but has not in ten years of my kicking it around. :)
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