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I.D. Query: Levering Razor Co., New York

I have a razor marked thusly on the tang, and has a gold inlay as follows:

Mail Pouch

It shaves really nicely; far better than my modern Dovo does.
About as good as my vintage Henckels 81 Emperor.

Has anyone heard of these, and if so, what's the scoop?

the scoop is that vintage razors are awesome.

Why yes; yes they are.

I am up to nine shave ready razors. The Dovo from Vintage blades; one honed by a member here after I cleaned it up and reset the bevel, and seven vintage ones that I have cleaned up and honed.

This is fun stuff.

Tomorrow's shave is a "Little Shaver" by Pabst & Kohler.

I will have a wildly unmatched seven-day set chosen after I work through the pack again after doing the final lapping on 0.5 micron film and stropping.

I wanted to know more about this Mail Pouch Levering since it shaved so nicely.
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