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HR (of the Bad Brains) performed here over the weekend

I had the extreme pleasure of seeing HR ("Human Rights") perform at a small music venue in West Columbia, SC this past Friday night.

HR (Paul D. Hudson) is unusual in that not only has he had a long running career as a reggae artist but is/was also the front man for the seminal hardcore punk band the Bad Brains (Washington DC). The Bad Brains played both blistering hard punk and reggae tunes and were unusual in that they were black performers in the nearly all-white punk music scene.

Been a BB fan since the early 80's but never got to see the perform so last Friday's performance (all reggae) was especially sweet.

Don't believe me? LOL Orange is the new black.


I even shaved for the occasion: Sudsy Soapery's "Blizzard" with a Merkur 34C HD razor and thrice-used Wilkinson Sword blade.
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