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How to fix small nicks

Sadly I have a few small nicks on my strop (tony miller). I understand that you can use sandpaper to fix it. Though I am not sure what grit to look for. I have seen 800, 1200 ect... I just want to make sure I do not ruin it anymore than I have.

I used 600 grit more than once on mine, I initially clipped out the nicks ( they were small ) and then sanded it very lightly and then mixed up a heavy lather and applied it to the strop and rubbed it in by hand and then wiped off the excess with a lightly damp sponge and let dry, it does change the draw of the strop so if you don't want to change the draw just smooth out the nicks and move on.
I have only managed one small nick in my SRD Bridle strop, but haven't dressed it up. If ever sandpaper meets leather, would follow with a thorough wipe, to ensure all grit has been removed from surface.

Not really sure if necessary to "fix" a tiny nick or two? Other than the obvious impact on aesthetics, would wonder what extent it may actually effect the edge of stopped razor. Veteran stoppers, please chime in.
No a veteran stropper but lightly sanding mine then dressing with s good cleaner to ensure the it was free of grime I then applied a good conditioner, this did not seem to affect the edge during stropping, the only thing I did not care for was after it was sanded and conditioner was applied the draw was increased then after about 500-600 laps the draw became very fast and light and I personally like a like to medium draw and lean more towards the medium, I personally would just dress the nicks and be done
Shoot Tony an emal - send him a few pix of the issue. He'll advise with absolute authority on how the strop he made can be dialed back into service.
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