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how do you find eShave soaps?

Has anyone had any experience with them?

I'm thinking about trying out the mandarin or the lavender, though they all sound good from the very brief descriptions I've read on them @ fendrihan. They are a bit expensive though. Are they worth the $ ?
I've only tried the eShave Lime cream, but it is fantastic. I've had the soaps on my "to buy" list for quite some time.
Yeah, they are next up on my to-buy at the moment aswell. Them and EJ soaps, which are significantly less costly.
rebos dont forget they are triple milled soaps so they will be quite hard, and will also last some time,... i have never used them myself but i know a member who loves them. At 22 bucks for a replacement puck though its kept me from blind testing them myself i would like to get my hands on them before i invested... but that is probably because i have so much on the go to try its bumped these soaps out of the top of that list atm,.... but in the future i would also love to get a puck of the mandarin under my brush
thanks all. that is a good to know about these soaps being triple milled and thus more probably longer lasting than other soaps.

pipskicks. I think you've misinterpreted the semantics of my question. Also, there is no soap to be find in the given link. thanks all
the same.
I think that Eshave soaps are underrated on the shaving forums. I have had and used the lavender. In fact, finished the first puck and liked it well enough to get a second. They are very solid performers. I have the avocado and linden on my WTB list.
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Actually I shaved with the Avocado and Linden soap this morning and I got a comparable shave I usually get with the E-Shave White shaving cream. It's a nice soap, tripled milled so I know I will get a lot of milage. I'm very happy with both their shaving cream, shaving soap and after shave balm and I will buy again without hesitation.
great. sounds like they are decent soaps. i like that they have the shea butter in them
I use the avacodo and linden as well as the mandarin. I like them both a lot.

I can give more detail if you want. I think they are worth the dough.
I have a puck of eShave Mandarin Orange. As mentioned, it's a triple-milled soap and very hard. That means that you have to really work at it to get any volume of lather. The results, however, are very nice. But be prepared for a workout.
I use eShave Mandarin Orange weekly. It is a hard soap. My experience has been that it is pretty easy to load a brush with and face lather. No workout for me at all.

I suspect that brush and water hardness play a significant factor here though.

For me, it's a few brisk strokes over the puck with a damp brush, then applied to a wet face. Enough for 3 full passes with a 22/44 finest brush.
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