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Hotter water

I'm one of those who has turned my water heater so that pure hot is just right for a shower. Why pay to get water so hot I have to add cold to bring down the temperature? That extra heat is worse than useless.

OTOH, I have had my lathering bowl tsuris, as you know, trying to get the bowl hot enough. I finally decided that the problem is that the water wasn't hot enough. So I took the idea of an electric water kettle from this post.

I couldn't find that model (I was looking at Target and at Orchard Supply Hardware). Most of the electric kettles were 1.7 liters, too large for the bathroom countertop, though I did find a one-quart one. But I finally decided to go with the Sunbeam Hot Shot, which bring a pint of water to the boil very quickly. I also got a pint (two-cup) pyrex pitcher to do water transfer.

It works like a champ, and now I'm going to give the Moss Scuttle another shot: maybe the water just wasn't hot enough.

I do find that I end up having to fill it twice (once for the initial heating of the soapstone lathering bowl, then again for the second heating which includes heating the brush and leaving a little water for developing the lather), so maybe the 1-quart pitcher would have been better. Only drawback is that, while the 1.7 liter pitchers lifted off the connection, the 1-quart would trail the cord, a pain. And the Hot Shot is fast enough... So I'm probably set. Until the next idea strikes.
I don't really have a choice on the settings of my water heater, living in an apartment and all but they have mine fairly hot. I'll fill my shave bwl with pure hot water and after sitting for a minute or two the bowl is nice and toasty warm on the outside... inside has to be fairly warm. The hot water is, well, rather hot here.
Being that I use a gas hot water heater, I will follow the example of Leisureguy (Michael) and turn my hot water heater down. I have a kettle to use to heat water for warming the bowl and brush.

I considered a Hot Pot as well, but could not find the 'small' one, so I settled for a 'mug warmer'. The temperature is not adjustable; it will not heat water, instead it maintains the temperature. I soak my Scuttle and brush in a sink full of hot water while showering. After the shower, I empty the hot water and refill the Scuttle with fresh hot water and place it on the 'mug warmer.' It seems to maintain 'warm', but does not get too hot.

Just like most others though, I continue to look for the elusive 'perfect bowl' [whatever that is]! Like Michael...this will probably work until the next idea!

I think I shall rename my 'Shave Den' the 'Shave Lab.'
I use my coffeemaker to make the hot water. I guess it's a bonus that I keep my coffeemaker in the bathroom, along with my favorite super-caffeinated coffee.
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