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FSOT High Proof Razor for sale or trade

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This is a silver anodized aluminum razor with a magnetically controlled swivel head that uses a half-DE blade. Check the High Proof website for details.

Current price on the High Proof website is $109, selling for $89, including Paypal G&S and USPS first class mail with tracking to CONUS only.

Includes everything it came with new as shown, including the stand (unused) and 5 Personna Lab Blue blades. I will also give you your choice of 5 Feather blades or 5 Nacet blades or 10 Astra SP blades.

The only trades considered are a Karve Overlander or a Blackbird LITE base plate.



I'm going to let this ad run for a few more days and then close it.

This is not a bad razor, I just have too many excellent razors. It does take a bit of practice to learn the technique for shaving BBS under the nose. I had an excellent shave with it this morning; posted here -

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