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Hey! Not bad. Not Great, but not bad!

Okay 4th shave with the SS Shavette. I've been using only one hand & only going WTG. On top of that only shaving with the Shavette on weekends. Since the urge to buy a full hollow is getting stronger, I figured I better test the waters with a real life application. (I.E. Full shave on a workday, in the A.M.) Here is this morning's set up:

Tabac Soap
C&E Best Badger
DOVO SS Shavette
Feather Blade
Tabac AS

1st off I finally learned to hold the razor right & what a difference! WTG was the best yet, plus I wear tapered sideburns & was able to shape tham perfectly! Then the 1st trick, switched to lefty!!!!! Things went great & I was actually suprised! Now with my DE im a 2 pass guy. WTG then ATG, that being said I switched back to righty & started with the neck ATG. Again very suprised at how the grip & angle seemed to work very well. Fumbled a little with certain spots, specifically under the chin. Wasn't sure at which point to switch back to lefty. All and all very decent shave had exactly 3 nicks, all around the chin, all on the ATG pass. AS Splashed burned a little more than normal letting me know my technique needs improvement, but the shave was better than expected & fun to boot! Not my best shave, but not my worst by any means, I've done worse when rushing the DE. Can't wait to try it all again tomorrow!

I've been shaving with a straight edge about six weeks now myself.. and it defiantly gets better each time.

The guys here are a great help offering good feedback and encouragement.

Sounds like your on your way.
I started directly with a straight, so I can't talk about shavettes. As the others said, is just practice.
Keep an eye on your angle, and direction of your hair and you'll be fine.

What I do, whenever going Nto S or ATG I flatten the blade a bit and very gently glide over my face.

I haven't had razor burn for about a month now (I being using a straight for about 2)
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