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FSOT Henson Ti22 Med, Merkur Progress Long, Merkur 1906, Parker SRX, various software + samples

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Looking to sell or trade various razors, soaps, and splashes. I am specifically looking to sell the Henson Ti22. I am open to trade anything else for soaps, AS, and maybe colognes (I prefer solid colognes). $20 or more will include shipping, anything less and I'd prefer to bundle with something else or charge extra for shipping.

To sweeten any trade package I have a bunch of soap and splash samples i got from Maggard Razors. I also have a ton of PAA splash samples I can throw in for free on any purchase or trade as well as a few Sterling bar soap samples. I will list these items below.

Henson Ti22 Medium (lightly used) - $180 (For Sale only)
Merkur Progress Long Handle (lightly used) - $40
Merkur Classic 1906 OC (Never used) - $20
Parker SRX shavette (used once, includes 9 blades) - $20

Stirling Soap Co. Smokey Grapefruit, soap & AS splash (unused, smaller 3oz soap and 2oz AS sizes) - $15
Wholly Kaw Tempest, soap & AS toner (loaded brush from tub once to test) - $40 for both
Razor Emporium Fireside AS splash (unused) - $12
PAA Home on the Range AS Splash (75% full) - $15
Proraso White Sensitive Skin Soap (75% full), Pre-shave (75% full), and AS Balm (90% full) - $20 for all three
Stirling Soap Co. Hipster bath soap (unused) - $3

Stuff I would definately trade for:
PAA Boomtown Bay Rum Soap
PAA Cavendish Soap
PAA Harvest Moon Soap
PAA Dapper Doc Splash/shampoo/bar soap/solid cologne
PAA Copali Splash
Stirling Coniferous AS Splash
WSP Ol' Kentucky Solid Cologne

Let me know what else you've got. I don't like barbershop scents. I do like tobacco.

Samples (all samples are either completely unused or I sprayed/scooped a tiny amount to test)
If there is an * next to a sample listed below I would be interested in a trade for a full size soap or AS if you've got it.

Chiselled Face Sherlock AS
Chiselled Face Trade Winds AS
Chiselled Face Midnight Stag AS
Chiselled Face Ghost Town Barber AS
B&M Cheshire AS
Crown & Crane Ipanema
Crown & Crane Cherry Ho
Crown & Crane Cognac & Cubans
Crown & Crane Palo Santo
Crown & Crane Green Tea
Declaration Grooming Apogee
Declaration Grooming Fake Yellow Light
Declaration Grooming Massacre of the innocents
Declaration Grooming Shore
Declaration Grooming After the Rain
* Declaration Grooming Chaotic Neutral
Wholly Kaw Merchant of Tobacco
* Wholly Kaw Rebelle
Wholly Kaw Entropy Man
A&E Cannabliss Santal
A&E Peach & Cognac
A&E SoCal Hipster
* Mammoth Soaps Almond Leather
Black Ship Cap 'N Dark Side
Black Ship Captains Pipe
Zingari Man Navigator
* Zingari Man Rambler
Zingari Man The Watchman
Zingari Man The Merchant

Free Splash and Soap samples
Soap Commander Passion splash
Soap Commander Fortitude splash
Stirling Ramblin' Man bar soap
Stirling Texas on Fire bar soap
Stirling Glastonburt bar soap
WSP Barbershop bar soap

Free PAA Splash Samples
High Jump 47
Meta Nectar
Tokyo Rose
Garden of Bali
Sacre Bleu
Et tu
Red Planet
Organism 56
Red Planet
Astra Planeta
Lo Haiku
Al Fin
John Frum
Aloha Smackdown
Chocolate Bourbon
Hotel Cecil
Chella Cool
Sangra de drago
Aqua D/G
Enigma Machine
Old Salty
Doppelganger Black
Doppelganger Gold
Doppelganger Grey
Rabid Banana
Future Fiction
Cap't Smythe's Reserve Bay Rum
Immortal Peach
Coconut Bay Rum
The Beach
Good Vibrations
Diver Down
Mega Flora
Epic Peppermint







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