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Heck yes we need more competitions!


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A while back JohnnyDemonic suggested the idea that we need some more regular competitions around this place. Well the team thinks this is a good idea, and since there is no time like the present, lets kick the competitions off with Johnny D's idea of

Unique Scales!

Here are the rules for this round, adapted from the ones suggested by JohnnyDemonic.

Must be a found material. Dig in your garage, basement, shed, barn or local dumpster and find something that you would never make scales from. The idea is to recycle something and make a functional set of scales.
You can't buy the material.
You can buy the pins and washers if you like, but your inventiveness will give you brownie points. Same goes for the wedge.
Take a photo of the material before you begin work. We need to see where/what it came from.
Take a photo half-way through your work.
Take a final photo(s) of your completed work.
Tell us how you did it. Doesn't need to be an essay, just describe your process.
Post your entries here in this thread.

One month from.... Now! I make that 11 November, USA time.
The deadline leaves plenty of time for parts to cure and to find something to work with.
Your design (work) can be beautiful or gross--up to you. It doesn't need to be extreme. Remember, it has to be functional.
The B&B community will vote on their favourite design and choose the winner.

If we get a bunch of entries (and I hope we do) I might narrow it down to five or six and then put up a pole for everyone to vote.

Bragging rights & owning a very unique razor. And the mods will provide the winner with the much coveted custom title, signifying to all what a champion you are! The exact wording of the CT will be up to the mods (yes, I know how dangerous this is...) but I'm sure it will be something cool.

Depending on the interest and participation in this contest we might well keep them going as a regular event, so it is up to you to enter and make this a good race!

So have at it, gents. Start raiding the attic, digging through the recycling and hunting the unicorns, because the competition is now... ON!


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OK, just in case everyone is too shy to dance, I'm going to start with one I just made, just to show how easy it is.




TaDaaa! Easy as that!

The wedge is two layers of the record and the sides are one. A bit flimsy, but to be honest no worse than the ones that come on a Gold Dollar.

I haven't set the bar too high, I know you guys are going to put that one to shame. Lets see them!
hahaha the record scales are pretty awesome...good thinking
I think this contest is a great idea, don't know if I'll have the time to get in on it, but am definitely subscribed :thumbup1:
how cool is this? i have a dbl duck that needs scales. now i know what to make them from. (old record)


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Find a "Disco Duck" 45!

I have the Mickey Mouse Disco LP. No way I was cutting that up. :lol:

Actually, if (when) I do it again I will use an old 78. They are thicker and stiffer than the "modern" 45 and 33 RPM.
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Poor Dean Martin... I'm sure it was a fine record...
Great idea! I've got the creativity of a red brick so I won't participate, but I'm really looking forward to seeing what people come up with.

Cool record scales Legion!
Oooo! Red brick!!!! Pound it with a sledge, mix it into epoxy, slice 'er up...done! Instant "bricarta" :)

"Bricarta" LMAO!
That's exactly the idea. Everyone has some form of creativity, just don't over think it. As a professor once told me, "keep it simple stupid."

Great record scales Legion. I bet they have a nice grip to them.
I've an idea.. But ill need to find something for the backing. Who else is going to join the fun?

As soon as I saw this thread my eyes started darting around the room looking for stuff to tear up and use. I haven't made scales yet but have been boasting about the desire to do so for a month or so. So yes, I'm in. This seems like a good place to start and now I'm sort of committed. Good idea Johnny! And nice example, Legion.
I have an idea, but I have to wait a while to get the material (don't worry, it will be well before the deadline!). It's going to take a bit of creativity, a bit of design, and a bit of luck!


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I wrote a how to tutorial on it which can be found in the restoration stickies. Pretty easy.
I'm impressed with those scales Legion, Dean Martin however... is NOT impressed!

I hope I can come up with something before the deadline! Thinking cap = on!

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I am in. I have a W&B wedge in need of some new scales.
Found some items the kitchen! Shh
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