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Has anyone tried any of the Murdock's colognes?

Murdock London - has anyone tried any of their colognes? Am particularly interested in the black tea and fougère...
Thanks for the basenotes links John - it was actually the reviews on basenotes that sparked my intrigue about Murdock's. Unfortunately each of the scents only has 3 to 5 reviews (or less). They're all positive, but I was hoping for a bit more insight than that before dropping $120 on a blind buy...

Good news is, I've since noticed that they sell a cologne sample pack and went ahead an ordered it (along with a travel size shave balm to try).

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on it once you have in hand David.
You are most welcome, John M. Certainly know what you mean about not wanting to buy blind at that price! Would be nice if the free shipping deal applies to overseas; will hope so.
I use their Black Tea in my regular rotation, and is really the only tea scent I wear so I can't compare it to others. Thanks for mentioning the sampler - I might order it also!
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