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Hair loss

My brush loses 1-3 hair every time I lather up (bowl, hand or on soap) ; is that normal?
Also, when I lather up the cream directly on my face, there is virtually no hair loss
It could depend on how new the brush is. My C&E Best badger lost a few hairs at first, then about 1-2 months later, lost a good number more. Then stopped shedding.

Well, the brush is about 1 year old ; it's a pure badger (autruche ; there is a pic in a recent thread)
I don't notice any hair loss on my PJ3, but see one in the bowl or my razor every now and then with the SR101.

If you're losing a hair a day, it may be worth contacting the manufacturer for an explanation or replacement--I mean, how long will the brush last if it keeps shedding?:smile:
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