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Guerlain-Las Vegas-Bellagio

Just got back from our 2-week vacation in Las Vegas. While in the Bellagio Casino I always hit the Rolex and Omega Boutique Store.

Just across from the Omega Boutique is a Guerlain Shop and any Guerlain patron needs to go there.

I was helped by Theodore and Suzy making a purchase for my wife.


Mon Précieux Nectar along with some lotion. My wife really likes it!!!! Thanks Theodore and Suzy.

I also obtained some samples..........

Chamade Homme



I believe it's safe to say I'll be a Guerlain patron.

When in Vegas.....go to the Guerlain in Bellagio:thumbup1:

*** Forgot to mention*** The Omega Boutique Store had some nice Omega cologne....kind of a fresh/ocean scent...nice
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