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Growth Oils & Products?

Hi everyone!

hope we’re all happy & healthy. Brand new here so forgive me if any stupidity shows!

I’m 21yr and trying to grow a fuller beard, as the obvious is the connection isn’t there between my cheeks and is also not at all thick/full, goatee/chin/neck is fine just my goddamn cheeks.

What growth products/oils are people using and can recommend? Let me know if there’s anything people can share or any more info I can give! :)

Give it time. There are a lot less guys who can grow a full thick beard in their 20s than you probably realize. My cheeks and mustache were pretty weak in my early 20s. They were OK in my 30s and much fuller by 40. I say just rock what you got for now, that is what I did anyway.
Beard Growth Oils don't exist. Nothing can stimulate additional growth. Oil can make the underlying skin healthier, which will help the growth that you do have. But pretty much any beard oil you choose can do that.

You have to come to terms with what you've been given to work with. Enjoy the beard you have, not the beard you want. I'm almost 40 and I still can't get growth on my cheeks. It's the Cherokee blood in my heritage. But it doesn't stop me from keeping a beard. I just keep it trimmed lower.

Most people keep their neckline too high. If you keep it lower, where it belongs, then you can keep the cheek lines lower and your beard will still look pretty full.

If you're brave enough, once the mask-wearing is over you can complement the beard with a handlebar mustache.
Growth products dont work. Growing a thick beard is all about how many hair follicles you have on your face and no growth product is going to change it if you simply dont have the generics for a thick beard.
I would also say that age is working against you. Your beard simply hasnt reached its full potential yet and may not until you are in your 30s or 40s.
Me personally, I can grow a pretty decent beard now but when I was in my 20s it was peach fuzz. You may need to just be patient and learn to love the beard that you have.
I'm sorry to tell you this but genetics are the main thing behind the ability to grow a thick beard. That being said, your genetics may be such that by the time you are 25 or 30 or even 40 you might be able to grow a thicker beard. Be patient and use what God gave you.
This might disappoint you, but most products, such as oils, creams and dietary supplements don't really work. Just like natural "testosterone boosters" don't work. If you want to have a full beard, just let it grow and work with what you have. The older you are, the fuller it's going to be since you're still very young. But it's mostly genetics. My beard, for example, is mostly blonde and light brown, it's not very tough/thick or anything like that. But it grows crazy fast and is dense. I mean, my whole face and neck are covered in hair if I let it grow and I could have an actually full "viking-style" blonde beard in less then a month. Too bad I like to be clean shaven, which is why I shave every day. But it's just genetics. I recommend patience and building the confidence to "rock what you've got". Start with a nice goatee, maybe add longer sideburns, see what works for you. gwsmallwood gave you an excellent advice.
I echo what others have said: there's no product that will increase beard growth. Instead, concentrate on the quality of your beard hair.

How often do you trim it?
Are you applying beard oil at least twice a day?
Use a conditioner every time you shave or shower (no shampoo on the beard).

Most of all, don't stress yourself over it. I've gotten a little OCD in the past, trying to make sure the neck lines and cheek lines match up, only to have to shave everything off and try again.

If you need a beard oil or softener, DM me and I'll send you some.
hair follicles develop in response to androgens, so my guess if something did work, it would probably contain topical DHT. But it's probably not worth the hassle.

Genetics is going to be the main factor. Some populations have fuller beards than others.

If you don't have hair all over your face, just look at it from the perspective that maybe that is a good thing. Having whiskers on your cheeks is overrated and it can be a hassle to deal with (as somebody who does have those types of genes and doesn't wear a beard). Plus thick beards are a pain to shave and dull razors like crazy.
I've read some scientific-sounding claims about Peppermint Oil and Dermarollers, but haven't verified their trustworthiness, or used those products myself.

There's Minoxidil but I'd rather live with whatever beard I have than use that.
I've read some scientific-sounding claims about Peppermint Oil and Dermarollers, but haven't verified their trustworthiness, or used those products myself.

There's Minoxidil but I'd rather live with whatever beard I have than use that.
Dermarollers do work, but they are for androgenic alopecia, which is due to the opposite problem: too many androgens (testosterone, DHT) in the skin leading to a decrease in blood flow to the scalp. But if you have a light or patchy beard, that won't help, the hair follices just haven't developed in the first place, either because of low androgens or because of insensitive receptors on hair follicles (most likely due to genetics).
The general idea behind Dermarollers for beards, is that skin damage induces a repair response that includes increased blood flow, so whatever follicles are there should "work better", so to speak.

I didn't investigate, though, because I only stumbled on these articles while looking for ideas on how to shape my beard. I only mentioned this on the off-chance it could point the OP in a useful direction.
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