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Great Local Finds

hello all!

Today I ventured to some antique shops in my own town for a change, sampling the local fare and all that... and I found some nice gems.

Here is the info on these three razors(in order)
#1: looks like extra-hollow 13/16
Shank: "Wheatly Brothers
"Wheat Sheaf"
(there is a small image of a wheat bundle(or sheaf?) between "wheat" and "sheaf"
Blade: "Real Ring" on either side, with "Sheffield Wheat Sheaf" on the center image, this is the heaviest razor i've ever held, the shank is massively thick on both accounts

#2 wedge 6/8 at the thickest
Shank: three stars followed by: "I. Pearce"
then a very faint "15 A(Y or X?)(C or G?)(R?)(L or F?)(C or G?)(E?) sorry, all the bottoms of the letters are obliterated.... could be AYCRLGE? something......
Looks to me like a Sheffield blade, but I haven't done any research just yet (you can help if you wish! maybe we can find out what the hell that says...)

#3 Standard hollow methinks....6/8
This one is a beaut, weirdest scale material I've ever seen, looks like some kind of metal (aluminum?) filled in by a yellow resin on the outside...it looks like its been shrinking over the years, since there aren't any pieces missing so far as i can see on either side, but it's started to recede away from the pins and cracks have formed....

Shank: "H. Boker & Co." plus a tree (look to me like their earliest tree mark)
Blade: "Master Razor" in fancified swirleys (looks like its etched with acid, or however they used to do that stuff that probably comes off with enough MAAS)

The tip is wicked cool, like a barbers notch spanish mixadoo or something, maybe somebody else knows more...note the cool spine obviously
This one was only 25 bucks CAD! I was about to throttle the woman who sold it to me though, the way she was manhandling it, luckily incurring no damage, crazy old bat...

Sorry about the long post, wanted to be concise....but failed, nothing on the back of any of the shanks for reference... and I haven't MAASed any yet, I don't want to strip the boker if its design, so i may hold off until i find a better option...enjoy!
(more pictures coming in a post)
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Nice find! They look in great condition considering the price!


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The nicest razors always need more attention! That master razor could be a beauty! It kinda is already. Noice!

How much did you pay for the whole lot?


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Don't worry, I know Canadian money :biggrin:

Steal for the 3 of them!
Just bought a loupe today, and I finally spent some time and determined what that wedge had written on it

I managed to decipher "ANGEL" below I. Pearce, but the last two letters are a mystery, however given this SRP info:

" In the Sheffield Directory of 1852 there is a John Pearce (cutlery and smallware dealer, and razor, springknife, tableknife, Britannia metal ware, and spoon manufacturer, 38 Angel street; and steel refiner, 57 Carver street). He's the only Pearce connected in some way with razors. Also consider that many times razor marks use I instead of J. In the Directory of 1857 John Pearce is recorded as "manufacturer" (11 George st; h 103 Wentworth ter). "

It probably says "15 ANGEL ST."

if anyone cares, I think it's neat myself
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