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Grazie B&B Cafe ( & Bialetti)

Had never heard of Bialetti until a couple of months ago on this forum - Relying, at home, on my trusty old Jura Espresso machine. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago and I find myself escaping winter with extended trip to FL.
Missing my coffee down here when suddenly a light bulb goes off and I hustle out to pick up a “6 cup” Moka Pot.
Absolutely smitten with this little guy (my new travel companion) and what a wonderful cuppa java.
Thanks gang for enlightening me :)

Ad Astra

The Instigator
Moka pots work just fine … and are a South Florida fixture in (almost) every home.

Latin grocery stores will have the gaskets and a variety of good coffees - go for Bustelo Supremo!



B&B's Man in Italy
My family, like thousands and thousands of other Italian families, has been using Bialetti since it was first introduced on the market in the 1930's. Bialetti is THE moka pot par excellence and everything about it is just great.

Last month I added this beautiful 4 cups "Kitty" model in stainless steel. SUPERB.


Oh dear, I'm getting that feeling again, I'm feeling 'need' again... oh mi.... I don't use the old al-lue-minieum backpacking pot any more; maybe this is a sign to get one of those new-fangled stainless lookie thingies...

on the other hand, I got the ceramic Melita down and did a couple of 50gram rough grind pots for the memories.... ( ahhhhh - big smile - fine afternoon that was; evening after too!)
A fellow recent adopter here. This is a 2-cup Bialetti Kitty for my morning cup. They are getting some respect again lately and I jumped on the bandwagon. It makes a very enjoyable brew.

You don't need to know what I am posting from.