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Good bye old friend


Indeed, how many of us do finish products? I don't. There are so many delicious products out there that once you find a new one, it's hard to resist it. So then the collection of the unfinished products grows. When I run out of space, I hold a party for myself and mix and combine all the unfinished products. Then it's anybody's guess.

I do all the time. I haven't finished my KMF creams yet (two pump bottles that are about 1 year old), but I've gone through several VDH pucks in the last year (usually have two mugs with a different soap in each mug going at the same time).
I could see of all the soaps & creams in my collection that the Omega soap would be the first to finish if it was to ever happen, great stuff. :thumbup1:
I understand. I did the Jularlington month, and I can barely tell that my Dr. Harris tub was even affected after 31 vigorous swirls!
Since when do we finish off products? :lol: I truly wonder how many of us actually finish products off.

Tube of Jagger Sea Buckthorn shave cream finished off this morning, a 200 ml bottle of Trumper Skinfood will go the same way in another week or so.

My reserves are a tube of Trumper sandalwood, tube of Body Shop Maca root, an Erasmic stick and a 150 ml bottle of DR Harris Milk, all about 75% unused.
I finish off after-shave lotions and balms all the time. However, I haven't come close to finishing off a shave soap yet.
That hasn't stopped me from getting others, though. :biggrin:
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