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goat milk shaving soap

Bought this soap a while ago and is my favorite so far (I don't have very many so I don't know if it compares to the 3T's hard soaps). One of the nice things is that you could actually use it as an aftershave. It sinks into the skin instead of drying up. So when done with shaving an area of the face just relather and let dry while you work on the rest.
Another pluspoint is that it's not expensive.
Try it....soap=cheap, shipping= cheap, nothing to lose huh?

(PS I don't get any money or goods for this. I just like the soap and the people that sell it. We've talked about their soap and about improvements....)

(PS2, the aftershave milk/lotion is very nice too.)


Do you have a list of the ingredients? I loked on the website but they don't list them.

I love a good goat's milk soap and would love to try it!

Thanks for the heads up!

How does this stuff lather? What would you compare it to?

When I first started wet shaving, I bought a bar of goat's milk soap, though not from this vendor. I made the purchase because of the many great properties that goat's milk has, but unfortunately, it did not lather well. I would be very interested in finding a high quality goat's milk soap.
it lathers decently. It takes a few tries to get the water/soap ratio right before it does though. It's a soap with a "learning curve" but it's nice. Don't expect big fluffy clouds of lather though, you won't get anything like the 3t's lather or the mammabear lather.

As for the ingredients just mail them. I'md sure they'd be happy to send you a list. They're very helpfull people.

So if you're all about the lather....it might not be worth it (although at that price you can't really NOT afford to buy it). But if you're looking for a good shaving soap that's just a bit different...you might want to try it.
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