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Glycerin shave sticks...going brushless

I am looking forward to some travel in the next couple of months. I'm attempting to assemble my travel shave kit and am wondering whether I need a brush or not.

I am aware of brushless creams out there but I am trying to skirt the TSA arcane liquid carry-on policies. What better way than to pack a big hunk of soap. Now I know you can avoid all the TSA nonsense by packing everything in my checked bags but given that airlines charge for everything I will attempt to travel with only a carry-on.

Now I have heard rumors that glycerin shave sticks may lend themselves to being used brushless. Can anyone comment with their experience? I am planning to try this out in the near future to see how it goes but I'll ask just in case anyone has tried it already.

Is this a workable idea or am I better off packing a cheap Omega boar brush? I really don't want to risk bringing one of my $$$ badger brushes.
I think you would definitely be better off with a brush. If you don't want it just work it up with your finger tips the best you can.
I use a homemade glycerin shave stick while traveling, and while it could be used brushless, I don't see the harm in bringing along a small boar brush to build a lather. They don't take up that much more room...
Carry a small tube of cream - almost any will work fine brushless. The big question is how will you carry a razor in your carry-on? TSA won't let you bring a DE or something in. Maybe a cartridge razor.
When I went to Chicago for vacation a few weeks ago I brought a TOBS shave stick with me. Like you, i planned on only traveling with carry-ons. I was able to fit the TOBS, a small pure badger brush, and small travel size containers of face wash and thayer's in the quart-sized bag. I was able to take a Merkur HD in my backpack (my personal item) without any problem. Obviously, you can't take blades with you unless they're in checked baggage. It actually worked out well though, because my girlfriend uses a DE to shave her legs, so we went to Merz to get a pack of Derby's that lasted us the whole trip.

I also recommend you bring the brush, as it will not take up much room at all. I've only used Taylor's and QED's shave sticks and found they don't lather up enough without a brush. If you don't want to bring a brush, bring a travel sized tube of something brushless like Cremo or Sharps.
Using a glycerin shave stick without a brush is doable, but you will be much happier if you pick up a cheap brush.
If you have an old container from a prescription medication (a large container) you can stick an Omega boar brush inside of it, which protects it while travelling. I would not want to use a shaving soap without a brush, but I think if you applied directly to your wet face and then spent 45 seconds to a minute working it into the beard with your fingers you would get a decent shave. Lubricity would be good, for sure. My question would be how much cushion you would get.

gone down south

If you're only bringing carry-on bags, why are you concerned about bringing a good brush?
I would only be worried about loss or damage if the bags were being checked.
If you are looking for a cheap and serviceable brush get the ~$10 brush from The Body Shop.

Since it is synthetic, a few shakes and it is 99% dry.
a cheap boar brush can be had from rite aid/walgreens/CVS for under $15. good to have a cheapo to travel with or give it away to get someone into wet shaving if you dont like it
I got a cheap boar bristle at Wally World for $4.50. It will do the job and if you lose it it ain't that much. Unless you grow fond of it.
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