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Gillette 7 o'clock platinum blue and Gillette Rubie Platinum plus


I would like to know which is the sharpest (and not the smoothest) between these two blades.

Thank you for your advices,

The 7OC Blue by a mile on the sharpness. Also much much smoother than the Rubies.

The Rubies are a Russian local market blade. They are similar to an Indian Wilk in my opinion - sharp enough but not at all smooth. I usually feel a little roughness to be honest. A very serviceable shave but not one that makes you go "wow, that was a great shave!"

The 7OC Blue that I have are the Czech version and are very sharp blades. I put them between the 7OC Black and the Silver Blues. If you are looking for the ultimate sharpness then the Silver Blues are what you want if Feathers do not suit you or are too sharp.
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Note that there is the 'NOS' version of the Blues that were made in the old Czech 'Astra' factory. These are the ones I have used and they are quite sharp. The only Gillette blade I have used regularly which is sharper then a Czech Blue would be the Silver Blue.

When Gillette closed that factory and moved the production to PPI St Petersburg, they manufactured the 7OC Blue there for at least a while. The manufacturing addresses are clearly marked, so you will know which version you have fairly quickly.
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Do it. Those are super blades and well worth making the effort to find. I bought mine at RBM.

Mine were from a UK supplier that I dare not mention, but the price has gone up 5 pounds per 100 blades, which makes RB&M cheaper by a significant margin.

Jim and myself agree on just about every blade on the planet, so we are quite obviously sane! :D
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